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  • Client:
    Colas Limited
  • Duration:
  • Shift Type:
  • Year:
  • location:
    Norwich Airport
  • AREA:
    GeoResin 0945

Project Goal:

Norwich International Airport is a WWII airport with flint concrete slabs which have been layered with bitumen every 10 years creating a 250-300mm overlay. The slabs have broken in places with reflections of the breaks showing through the bitumen causing dropped sections on the surface of the runway. Canham Engineering identified 3 major sections where the sub-base was still moving causing problems at the surface. Due to the urgency of the programme Colas were only able to provide DWG Resins with a week to mobilise and commence work on site. This schedule was adhered to and all works were completed in a prompt and professional manner. DWG Resins were brought in to stabilise & re-support the existing concrete slabs negating the requirement for disruptive excavations.

Project description:

Colas contracted DWG Resins to commence works on 330m² over 3 nights. 16mm holes were drilled at 1500mm centres throughout the affected areas and expanding Georesin was injected into the sub-base. Injections were done in a controlled manner with the aid of a laser level to ensure slab stability. GeoResin 0945 is a specially formulated expanding structural resin which when injected under slabs, stabilises both the slabs and the joints to limit any further movement. Pre & Post work DCP Tests were performed to show the improvement and the results reflected a 100% improvement in the bearing capacity of the ground. Colas were then able to cut back 100mm of bitumen and inlay a new marshall asphalt to correct profiles.