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  • Client:
    John Turner Construction
  • Duration:
    1 Day
  • Shift Type:
  • Year:
  • location:
    Merseyside, UK
  • AREA:
    Bacel Hardfoam

Project Goal:

DWG Resins were approached by John Turner Construction on behalf of their client Everton Football club to see if we had a product that could be used to fill 2 redundant digester septic tanks and the redundant sewer pipes that had connected them to the main sewer system.

The tanks had a volume of 78 m3 and was below a strip of grass between a new car park and one of the training ground pitches so only accessible by foot traffic. After visiting the site and inspecting the the tanks and the connecting sewer pipes plus manholes, it was deemed suitable for filling with the Bacel super lightweight engineering foam grout RG 22, this is a low cost low compression material used in the utilities industry. There was little need for a product with a large compressive strength as the area was to be releveled with topsoil and then turfed in line with the rest of the area and would only have light foot traffic.

Project description:

The job had to be completed in one day with the minimum of fuss or mess to prevent problems with the training facilities and any players or staff present.

DWG Resins arrived on site at 07.00 to be in place prior to commencement of any training and to minimise truck movement near to players cars within the car park. The tank and manhole lids were removed to gain access to the tanks and a 63mm x 4m MDPE fill pipe was placed into the base of the main tank below the filters and pumping was started, the pipe was moved from location to location within the tank until the foam had completely filled up to 1.5 meters high over the full length of the tank ( 8 metres long x 4m deep ), after which the pipe was removed and any residual material was blown out with the aid of compressed air, the pipe was inserted into the second tank and pumping commenced until a similar level was reached.

This was repeated on both tanks lift by lift to allow the material to gel surfactant to prevent compression of the lower lifts. The foam was pumped until it was 100mm below the required finished level and the fill pipe was blown off and removed. The last 100mm was free foamed directly from the gun delivery hose to provide a stronger more liquid mix of resin this was to provide a harder finished level surface after which the client was asked to inspect the finished project and sign off as completed if happy with the job. The tank and manhole lids were replaced prior to the main contractor JTC resurfacing the area with soil and turf.

All DWG Resins equipment was removed back to the single truck and the entire work area was cleaned prior to hand over to the client.